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Grooming is an important part of keeping

your loved pets healthy

1. Beat the Heat

Bali is a hot place for dogs. Along with heat comes skin issues. Heat combined with a juicy warm host make pet’s fur and skin a perfect place for unwanted nasty bugs to hie. Grooming helps to keep your pet’s fur clean and at perfect length, helping to avoid heat exhaustion or unexpected surprises caused by heat.

2. Stay Glorious

Just like humans, animals feel better when they are clean, bathed and cared for. Other benefits include helping to control shedding and oil build up. Full grooming treatment achieves all this, making for a happy, healthy and glorious pet. Plus, they’ll be the envy of their pack!

3. Check Up

Fur tells us a lot about animals health. While all fur needs upkeep, grooming also includes our team giving a health check, ensuring your pets eyes, teeth, skin, fur and nails/claws are all in great condition.

4. Smell be Gone

Pets have an uncanny ability to find themselves in smelly situations. We won’t list the sources of how our pets pick up such smells here, suffice to say regular grooming is a great way to get rid of those unwanted smells.

5. Hug-ability

Lets be honest, it’s much more fun cuddling our pets when they have nice, soft and clean fur. And we’re sure you’ll get extra kisses and cuddles from them too!

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